Completed Love Story: Story of My Marriage (Part-1)

The day was 21st Jun 2015, I was having my plan ready but was not sure whether it is going to work or not.

We were on the Lohgad fort, one of the ancient fort in pune district. It was heavily raining and in that heavy rain we all were trekking that fort. I was only finding ways to talk to her. But there she was running all the miles away from me. It was frustrating moment for me. But still I was trying my luck to get that one golden opportunity.  We were total 14 friends and only three best friends knew that I like neetu and I was going to propose her on this picnic.

We reached on the fort, I couldn’t get any chance to talk to her in private, there was a little disappointment in my eyes, I looked at my three best friends they were signing me to relief as I was having one chance. I decided on way back to home, I will do my task. But my bad luck I didn’t get any chance to propose her. I was totally disappointed. And after this incident I gave up the idea of proposing her.

The whole night I was cursing myself, why didn’t I ask her. It was best opportunity for me. But the time was gone. It was gone forever. I spend my whole night sleepless. Next morning I woke up at 7.20am, straight away I took out my mobile phone and then started typing message to her.

I wrote an essay to explain how much I love her. But there she was again, no reply after reading the message. I thought I would go mad; this waiting time was killing me. But I left that decision with her.

Something around 7-8 hours later, there was beep on my mobile screen and it was from my expected one. “Yes. It was her”. But again she was like a typical girl; she need some time to think. She is not ready for this and all. After this all drama my life was just a routine, it was not at all interesting, I was just dreaming about her, only about her….

Then after some days, somehow I managed to convince her to meet me with the help of my friend.  My luck was with me she agreed to it. The place was finalized; it was pallidium mall just near to her office. I was tem up with my three best buddies who were supporting me all time. I was so nervous that I could not even think of, what gift I should present her on my first date. Shubh told me to go for teddy bear; I bought one teddy bear some chocolates.  Now I was waiting for her call. She did not know that I was team up with shree, shubh & vaishu.

After some time my mobile screen flashing her name “Neetu Calling….” I picked it in one ring.

‘Hey, Hi’ Where are you? I asked her

She said she is in phoenix mall, I said ok, I will come there.

I dropped the call and said ‘what the crap!’ I was so fool I was in palladium mall and I text her address of phoenix mall. The confusion was because both mall shares some common area. As I hanged up the phone, I ran towards the phoenix mall. I searched her and suddenly she came in front of me, she was more beautiful than usual, she was more attractive, she was even more gorgeous.

I greeted and then words were not coming out of my mouth, I was blank, I was just standing as a dumb guy in front of her and was just smiling. She said “should we sit somewhere”

I simply nodded for yes. We found one restaurant; it was pretty much empty to make me comfortable with her. We sat in the restaurant and we ordered two coffees, I was not sure from where I should start. She was looking here and there just to avoid eye contacts, I thought in my mind come on, buddy this is the time, If not now then she will never be yours. I gathered my courage and started:

Neetu, Listen I don’t know what will be your decision. It is your life and you have sole authority to take your decision, I am not going to force anything on you. You take your time but answer me soon (I know it was too much confusing but this is what I could say at that moment).

And after very next moment, I took out the gift gave it to her and said “will you marry me?”

She was like awwwwww, what was that? Somehow she managed to answer me from that awkward moment, ‘I am not sure about my decision, I need bit more time to think’. I said back in my mind, is it a tough math’s question or any kind of GATE exam preparation that she requires more time to think. We finished our coffee and we chatted for 20 minutes and left that place.

I dropped her to the home; in the whole journey we were having general talk. I knew that she was intentionally not discussing about that topic. But I was option less, the only one thing I can do was just waiting and waiting……….

Story continues in second part ..


© Mayur Gavhane



Distance don’t matter in friendship

It was already 6.00pm in the clock; this was the time when we all supposed to meet at our pre-decided location, which is near Ghatkopar station @Bharat Café.
Everybody @ their respective locations, going to the same destination. The occasion was someone’s birthday.
“Shubh” Working with Fortis in Mulund (Time: 6.02PM):
“Hey, where are you guys? I have reached here” She typed the message and send.
Nobody has come yet. I am the only one who comes always on time (thinking in her own mind)
“Neeta” Working with unknown company in unknown location (Time: 6.04PM):
“Hey, hi shubh? How are you?”
Nobody has come yet?
“What this guys are upto?” Let me call them.
She starts dialing the numbers from her phone.
Shubh & Neeta both were chatting, waiting for other friends to come.
“Shree” Working with Reliance in Ghansoli (Time: 6.10PM):
When this train is going to come yaar? He takes out his phone and dials the number.
“Bhai, where are you? I am just reaching in 15mins”
“Ashwini” working with Pepsico in Chembur (Time: 6.12PM):
“Hi, Neetu & Shubh” How are you guys doing?
“Nobody has come yet? I knew that already. In logo ka har baar ka natak hai. Sudhrenge nahi”
“Mayur” Working with Mastek in Malad (Time: 6.11PM):
His phone rings, Phone flashed Shree Calling…….
“Ha bhai, Bolna” You left na already? Ok I will also leave now.
“Will reach in 10 min”.
“Sushant” Working with Fortis in Mulund (Time: 6.12 PM):
His phone rings, phone flashed Mayur calling…..
“Where are you? Mayur asked
“I am not coming yaar, I am too tired, will go home, you tell them that I have gone somewhere” Sushant replied.
“I don’t know, if you want to come then come or else go to hell” mayur replies and cut the phone.
Time: 7.30 PM near Bharat Café
Everyone reached to the place. And then the conversation goes like this…
Where are this guys? Abhi? Moru? Krupa?
Someone replies, are abhi will be late, moru as usual having some problem at home and krupa might come late as she is busy in office.till the time Sush joined the gang.
Then Everyone starts with Leg pulling, jokes, masti…

Time 8.00 PM @Some Hotel
Here he comes, abhya how are you? All welcomes him with greetings & galis.
After that everybody celebrates the Birthday, Clicking pics, Chaos, laughing, Yelling etc…

Time 9.30 PM @Some Hotel
Girl’s starts getting call from their respective homes, so one by one everybody starts disappearing from the place. Then the emotional good bye with limited audience. And everybody goes home with sweet memories with them…
This is what happens when we make any plan for the get-together. We all are busy with our hectic schedules, out routine job & our so called Busy Life. But everybody is eager to meet their friends; everybody wants to chill out with their friends. But you have to give priorities, the time which is gone you cannot roll back that, you cannot enjoy those moments again with your friends. What you can do is just remember those days and just smile.
Hats off to the friends who manage to come for all get together even though they stay very far. Giving reason for not coming is very easy, but seeing other having fun and missing those moments are more painful.
Stay Hungry for Friends and Stay Connected…..


© Mayur Gavhane

Loser who lost his destiny..

I was having unread message on my mobile screen, the moment I opened it. it was from unknown number.

I replied to the message “who’s number is this? l don’t have your number saved”

Even DP was not set for that particular number, so I would have identified it.

I got immediate reply, And I was stunned by knowing that it was from her.  I thought it was really her or somebody is just kidding with me??

No..No..No  it won’t be her somebody is really joking with me.

But then, there was again two more messages flashing on my mobile screen, I opened it.

Then I realize yes it’s her. I can feel the same care when she used to ask me “How are you dear?”

And this time mobile screen was also flashing same message with smiley at the end. In no time I knew it’s her.

It’s being almost four years we were not in touch, we have not even seen each other in this period. And suddenly after four years she messaged me. She was having my number for four years. where it would have been? In her Phone or In her Mind? Mind or heart?…..

I knew she got married, I heard it from someone long back. But yes then I don’t care, Why should I care for her when she doesn’t care for me. I was very much angry with her. It was totally her fault.

When relation was so important for both of us, why she was not sharing everything with me. That means she was not that attached with me as I was with her. Or she doesn’t want to give me more trouble as I was already fed up with my job struggle.

I failed to understand her feelings for me, Yes I failed with negative marking. But when I got the result there was nothing which I can do…Everything was gone..It was gone forever..Till the time I can understand her. she was someone else’s… at least I would have heard her inner voice. But no, I was thinking myself as a shining armour and I broke up..I broke up our two years relationship without even thinking of anything. She tried to convince me, she tried to balance everything, she tried to sort out things. Finally she tired. She tired of me. she tired of trying.

I felt  vibration of my mobile and I was distracted from my deep thoughts..I was out of them. also I was out of the game.

I opened her messages. She wished me valentine day. A day which we used to celebrated with each other, holding each other’s hand in hand..And now we were typing valentine message sitting at our own places, don’t know at which corner?

I said I want to see you. I want to see you desperately. is that possible?

She replied, yes you can come down to my place anytime. My husband knows that you are my best friend. and we were not taking to each other from last four years. I will introduce you to him. He is nice man. It was a direct pinch to my heart. It hurt me…It hurt me as something sharp has choked my heart.

I wanted to see her badly. Next day I went to her place, I knocked on the door. A little girl came running to open door with her dad. She was angel. She was as cute as her. The man welcomed me in the house. He was knowing my name. I adjusted myself on the sofa but my eyes were searching for her. And then she appeared as she used to appeared in front of me. More beautiful than earlier day. each day than previous day.

Both of them were talking to me, She & her husband with little angel looking at me curiously, Rather she was looking at the chocolates in my hand. But I was just nodding my head for each question or their saying, I was sitting there as a “Loser”. A Loser who gave his biggest precious thing to someone else just because he was angry…A Loser who lost his destiny by his choice.



Note: We people usually take decisions very fast when we are angry or upset. And sometime we lose something very precious, and when we realize it. It’s too late. The story was just made on this thought

© Maddy

Did she took decision?

Swapna walked out of the glass cabin, one and half hours of meeting made her so much exhausted. She wanted a break. Much needed break. It was already late after office hours. She was confused whether to prefer bus or train to go home. Confusion was always a problem for her; rather it was a lack decision making power. She started walking towards the nearby bus stop; there were fewer crowds on the bus stop as it was already late.
She was standing there on bus stop waiting for bus, having the same thought in mind, why she could not take decision?, Today’s meeting was so important for her career. Still she was blank when they asked her are you ready for the onsite project?

Swapna noticed there was one lady with her daughter on the bus stop; she was offering toffee to her daughter. “Which toffee you want, red one or blue one?” Swapna could not resist but remember her childhood visits to the fruit vendors near her house with her father.

“Apple or Grapes?” Her father had asked.
She had looked blankly at him unable to decide
“Come on girl, Apple or grapes? What do you want?”
“Ok”“No! No! Apple! No! Wait! I want grapes” she was still undecided.
“Enough! Can’t you decide? Here, have grapes” Her dad was frustrated
“But dad?”

His one glance made her silent and she quietly took the grapes. She later realized she had never liked grapes.
Another day in past she was with him for shopping, he asked “hey, which suite you prefer brown or black?”
“Ummmm, anything” she answered.
“C’mon yaar, Just tell me Brown or Black?” he asked again.
Mechanically she pointed towards black. Which she doesn’t like at all. They were sitting in park after shopping. He asked, “when are you going to tell your parents about our relationship? This is the time you have to take decision now”
“I don’t know whether this is right time? Or maybe I am not ready for this” She replied
“Are, I am there to support you all the time” He replied back.
“I think I can’t” she replied.
“Then I also can’t wait, maybe we will remain friends”
She wanted him to wait, but he was waited too long and it was over this time.

The crowd was more this time on bus stop; as soon as bus came she boarded the bus. She sat on the seat. Thought of today’s meeting came in her mind. Should she say yes for it? Or should she say no?
Few moments later her phone rang, “Boss calling….”
“Hello Sir, Tell me” she answered the call.
“I think you should go for this opportunity; this will be life changing for you” Boss replied
“I am confuse sir, I am not sure whether I can fulfil the expectations”
“Ok, Take your time and tell me till tomorrow” He replied

After the call she went into thoughts, why she is confused. It is her dream project, it is her passion then why she is worried. Hundreds of thoughts crossed her mind. The job was demanding, and required travelling and staying out of the country that too without family. But then it is rewarding too. And it has challenges with fun. She made her mind. It was ‘yes’. She thought tomorrow she will accept the offer. She was happy finally she took decision.
She reached to her destination, she got off from bus. She walked towards her apartment.
As she came near the door she looked at the elevator.
“Should she take the elevator or the stairs to the third floor” She started thinking. She smiled at herself, she took the stairs.


This story is loosely based on the my friend’s nature. and the story is made around that.

© Mayur Gavhane

A friend in need is a friend indeed

There was a deep silence in her mind; not having any idea what she was going to do now. It was a biggest decision of her life which she had told her parents. She believed that they will understand her feelings, but it was just an assumption of her.
Earlier day, conversation @her home:
“Dad, I am in relationship and want to marry with that boy.”
“Are you mad or what?” “You have not yet grown up, to take all decisions for your life.”
“But, dad he is a nice guy”
“Don’t you dare to question me, I am your dad not your enemy, I know who is good for you and who is not.”
She was too upset with the reaction from her parents, but irrespective of that she had already made up her mind about her relationship. In no other time she quickly got her cell phone and dialed a number.
Mobile screen was flashing Calling Neeta….
“Yes dear, tell me what happened?” Neeta replied
Aditi narrated the incident happened at her home to Neeta.
“Ok, see you in the evening at our usual place. And don’t worry. everything will be fine, and please don’t cry. I am with you.”
Both of them were present at the venue at accurate time, because of urgency of the issue.
Neeta knew each and everything between Aditi & Arjun. She knew that they are made for each other and their life won’t be happy anymore if they get separated. They have to take decision fast as they knew; now their families are also part of this tragedy.
Aditi knew that, may anything happen to her; Neeta was always there by her side, being with her as a friend, as a guide, as a sister.
Neeta asked, “Adi, just tell me what is your decision? You have to set your priorities”
“I can’t afford to leave my parents, but Arjun is my future and I don’t want to lose that” Aditi replied.
Now, Neeta was in big trouble. Who has to take some stand for aditi, for a friend she admired.
They were discussing the things, and after around 2 hours of discussion, they made their mind. It was a big step that they are going to take. Not sure about the outcomes, but still they were ready to face any kind of impediments, any kind of storm, any kind of output.
It was an action day for them, Saturday, date: 13/12/2014
Aditi left the home with great courage; she was having mix feelings running on her mind a fear to face her parents and happiness for getting her love.
The moment she came outside her house, there she was standing like army for aditi, ‘yes’, and it was Neeta.
Neeta had managed to arrange rest of the things including Arjun. She took aditi straight to court.
“Yes, they were going to marry”, as aditi saw Arjun outside the court she ran towards him and hugged him. She folded her arms around Arjun.
By the time Neeta have arranged a lawyer for them, he did all the formalities, and then both of them signed the most valued paper of their life, a marriage register.
Tears rolled down from aditi’s eyes, she hugged Neeta for whatever she has done for her. She hugged her tight, Neeta relaxed her, and then there was a smile on everybody’s face. They left from court to face the unexpected. And they were ready for that…….
It needs courage and lots of guts to take stand for your friend in such situation, and it was all just for one smile on your friends face. All were having only one word for such friend. “Salute Neeta”


© Mayur Gavhane


Good Days

It was after long time we were meeting, ‘Shree’ a best friend of mine. He was meeting me after 2 years. Even in our fifties we were same like in our younger age. Whenever we used to meet we used to have boozing session with lot of talk. It was surprising for others that even after 30-35 years, two men who known as each other’s best buddies are meeting with same enthu and have same fun which they used to have when they were young. We both have decided that after our abroad journey we will meet once again and will live our old days one more time. The spot got decided “Vishwa Bharat bar & restaurant” where almost all of our group member have born (We have celebrated their Birthday). Lot of times we have solved each other’s problem in this location, we have given motivation, we have given courage, support, non sense suggestions. But still those were best moments from our lives. That time was also not too good, we both were having our personal family problems, Job problems, so called life problems, girl friend problems etc.. But we both were supportive to each other. Shree and I both are in IT field. Both on the way of their retirement. But still we are enjoying our lives like we are college guys.. Things around us were so changed; our usual restaurant has become more royal in terms of everything. But we both were same which we used to be in our twenties or thirties. And here he appeared in front of me with his silver hairs, white beard and with same glow which he has every time on his face. We hugged each other, it was after long long time, and then we went inside searching for the perfect place for us. Whenever we used to meet the equation was already decided “chala basuyat” (Let’s Booze). The reason behind that is, whatever time we guys have spend together, we used to live that time again in this session. As I was in London for some years, Shree too came back from Singapore last year only..We got drowned in our past memories, reminding those days. Those same days which we enjoy every time we meet, but we never got bored, on this same place we used to have so much of fun. So much of leg pulling, so much of shouting etc.. Our “Friends Forever” group. I don’t know where they all (other group members) are now? The contact between us was vanished when most them got married. But still shree and I have managed our get together regularly. This is because the bonding we do have between us. I think everybody amongst us want to live those good days again but might time has changed for them or their ages matter to them or now they don’t care about those good days because they are old now. For me and shree our age doesn’t matter to us, even if we are fifty years or sixty years old, Beer bottle with memories from those good days will always cheer us.


© Mayur Gavhane

Incomplete Love Story-2

My phone was ringing on one Monday, I saw the name flashing on my phones screen and the very next moment there was a smile on my face. The reason behind that smile was, she had called me after long time.

“Hey, how are you?” I said picking the phone .

“I am fine, how about you? and “Belated happy birthday” she replied.

“It’s ok” I said.

Suddenly she said, ” I am sorry”, I thought it’s for the late wish she had made to me. But it was for something else. now i can feel the seriousness in her voice.

“What Happened?” I asked.

“I got engaged” the reply took my breath away, suddenly the ground was sliding below my feet.

Somehow  i managed  to say, “Congrats, can we talk later  i am busy with something” Those words were reverberating in my ears continuously.

And i stood on the spot in corridor of my office. thinking that i have lost the meaning of my life.


Some Months Before………

One morning i was working on my computer in office. “Good Morning ” a sudden beautiful voice distracted me.

And a beautiful face appeared in front of me. I was stunned seeing her beauty, “very good morning ” i replied to her.

She said ” I have joined the DA team for this project”

I welcomed her, I was pleased with her presence don’t know why?

After that, days passed, months passed. We both were so attached to each other that we could not even  think of without each other. We used to fight, tease each other. We both were so happy but never expressed our feelings to each other.

And the day came when she got transferred to Delhi for some project work. And i was knowing that she won’t come back to this project again. we gave her farewell gift with heavy heart (Don’t know about others but my heart was definitely crying)

It was very difficult for me to laugh in office, the charm was gone. I continued some days like that in office. We used to talk on phone. But i was not happy. so i decided to talk to her about this. and i called her one evening . She seemed happy without me, the life was moving ahead for her but for me it was stopped long back, It was stopped the day she went. I told her about my feelings but she was not sure about her feelings.

She was changed, she was not who she used to be earlier in Mumbai with me, with us. I was wondering and came to the conclusion that affection will stay between people when they are with each other. If they go far away from each other then affection will also go far away from them…

I was the only one who was dreaming for both of us, And she was happy with herself. So i decided to move on and changed the job. I was finding new hope which will become reason for my living. I got busy with my new job and still trying to forget her. I was recovering from my situation.

And one day she called me and said “I got Engaged”…….


© Mayur Gavhane


In Fond Memory of Someone I loved a lot.